Karoo Wagyu through a sister company has access to genetics in both South Africa and Australia. We take extra special care rearing our Wagyu cattle in a pristine … In fact to be recognized as a world class dinning establishment you need to have Wagyu beef on your menu. His aim is to increase the overall quality of beef in the market by using predictive analytics and expert veterinarians to identify the best genetics and making it available to the average beef farmer. Read More. 9301, Office Number: 051 492 1852 | Office Cell: +27 61 408 4123 | Postal Address for DNA samples: Postnet Suite 12,Private Bag X7003,Langenhoven Park,Bloemfontein,9301, LRF AGM & Breed Improvement meeting – Bloemfontein, International Recognised Sire Harvest Day (AL5 Wagyu), Animal Breeding Diploma course for Livestock Farmers – Bloemfontein, https://wagyu.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Wagyu-Latest-News-Logo.jpg, https://wagyu.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Wagyu_logo_White.png, 2nd World Wagyu Congress Post Congress Feedback Report, © Wagyu South Africa | Website Designed by, Any animal sired by a WSA registered sire which is Fullblood or Purebred (see Appendix 1 for. 10: Where can I find the Society forms and reports ? Delf Butchery and Deli. Marbling in Wagyu beef contributes markedly not only to tenderness and juiciness but importantly to taste. Originating from Japan, Wagyu is known for its superior marbling, which are the fine veins of fat in the meat. Wagyu Newsletter Ken Forrester Prime beef PTY (Ltd) was founded in 2010 by a bunch of meat and wine loving enthusiasts. Highlights will include: Why Wagyu can make the claim that it has a superior product Currently, in South Africa, there are a total of around 130 wagyu breeders … All our Wagyu cattle are certified and registered with the Wagyu Society of South Africa. pagination: Boolean('1' == wpaft.pagination), Create and manage a listing for your restaurant. Look out for the Certified Wagyu Sticker to ensure that the product is authentic Wagyu. Have a look around our farm and on the plate with some beautiful pictures of our Wagyu cattle out in the pastures and of our well marbled Cape Wagyu beef on the plate. Get IN touch. For more details of the Certified Wagyu Beef Program (CWB), click here. Most leading retailers in South Africa sell Wagyu. The Wagyu marketplace focussed on maximising buyer and seller satisfaction. For more details on the program. Facebook login. Bloodlines were sourced from Australia who are known to have the best genetics outside of Japan. Forgot Password. What is Marbling? PURE WAGYU BEEF, Vredefort. Genomics 101 for dummies to LRF Board G Truscott. Sign up as a user ; List your restaurant. Agricultural Cooperative It’s also commonly known as Kobe beef but much like the origin designation rules around Champagne, we can only call it Kobe beef if it’s from the Kobe region of Japan. Wagyu Calendar, No 4 Genius Loci Officepark, 6 C P Hoogenhout St Member Enquiry responsive: Boolean('1' == wpaft.responsive) /* The red coloured Wagyu, called Akauishi, has excellent marbling, good fertility and excellent growth. 7: Is the Wagyu Beef Industry Sustainable ? In a country such as Australia, Wagyu already makes up 5-10% of the content of all breeds. Sale Catalogues, Wagyu News Wagyu BGP Application revised Ver18.3. Wagyu BGP Application … Thank you Corne' Bornman from Brafia - aka The Braai MafiaUltimate Braai … Hekpoort. Related Videos. Net Feed Intake requirements Angus Aus. Robotte wat keurgraad-vleissnitte kan evalueer, die redigering van gene om gewenste eienskappe by beeste te verbeter en inplanting van stamselle om meer aanpasbare kalwers te teel, is deel van die opwindende moontlikhede wat nuwe tegnologie bied tot voordeel van diereteelt en veeboerdery. The minumum marble score for CWB is 3, there is a maximum Bos indicus content and there are other definitions for certification. We feed our Wagyu herd top feed produced off our lands. }); Our vision is to remain the supplier of the best beef in South Africa. In the country of origin the score for marbling goes up to 12. For more details of the Certified Wagyu Beef Program (CWB), click here. The mission on the South African Wagyu Society is to “Wagyu South Africa’s mission is to transform the South African beef industry to be highly profitable with consumers demanding and enjoying a premium eating experience. The Certified Wagyu Beef Program has been developed to ensure that all sectors of the Wagyu supply chain: Using the DNA Wagyu content test, the Certified Wagyu Beef Program also assures Wagyu breed content in all sectors of the Wagyu supply chain as per the below. We thank Penta Motor Group, a proud Sponsor of Wagyu South Africa, for this video. In SA supermarkets, “Wagyu” refers to cattle breeds that are 46.9% (minimum) Japanese Wagyu. If you are looking for Wagyu beef in South Africa, look no further the Beyond Beef. protect the investment made by Wagyu South Africa members. Introduction to Single Step SBTS . Gauteng +27 83 655 8441 +27 76 462 5248. South Africa would have hosted the conference in August but an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, and then Corona 19 scuppered these plans. “A friend recently attended an auction in Kobe, Japan where the 82 carcasses on sale averaged R74 000,” marvels Brian. The largest Wagyu population is still in Japan. # CertifiedWagyuBeef # farmspace. 4: How can I Search for Members or Animals, 5: Please Explain the Certified Wagyu Beef Program. We supply the best beef in South Africa. Randburg. Wagyu Beef is meat with small, finely interspersed specks of fat called marbling. He became involved in the Wagyu industry in South Africa after identifying it as a potential disrupter in the beef industry in Africa and beyond. For a supplier list and online sales click here. The Cattle enjoy green pastures and the beef is juicy and tender. Andre talking to Dr Fanie Steyn from @[245886242266771:274:Ramsem-PTY LTD]. autoPlay: Boolean('1' == wpaft.auto_play), rewindSpeed: Number(wpaft.rewind_speed), Postcode: 1752. Staff Contacts The term “Wagyu” is not an indicator of marbling or quality, Olmsted says. Zuney Wagyu is a proud member of the Wagyu Society of South Africa (WSA) and is part of the Certified South African Wagyu Beef (CWB) programme that ensures quality Wagyu products and integrity to the consumer. Wagyu breeding as per the South African Wagyu breed definition, All males castrated prior to 5 months of age, provide a consistent message to consumers regarding Wagyu beef as a product, provide the Wagyu industry with the opportunity to market and brand the Wagyu product appropriately and. Wagyu is commonly regarded as the most valued beef in the world. Chances are you’ve heard of the term ‘wagyu’ or seen it on a menu – as the ubiquitous lip-smacking burger or perhaps as a cut of steak. Imported Wagyu steak currently retails at R700/300g in Cape Town.” The development of the Wagyu breed has been nothing short of spectacular and Wagyu cattle can now be found in 38 countries. 1:01. According to the society’s CEO, Dr Michael Bradfield, after being slaughtered in South Africa, the carcass was scanned at the abattoir with an R800 000 high-tech … 8: When should I weigh and record my animals ? Twitter login. slideSpeed: Number(wpaft.slide_speed), According to Dr Michael Bradfield, CEO of the Wagyu Society of South Africa, there are two breeds of Wagyu produced in South Africa, namely red and black. Wagyu South Africa’s mission is to transform the South African beef industry to be highly profitable with consumers demanding and enjoying a premium “and healthy” eating experience. Board Contacts Currently in South Africa, there are a total of around 130 Wagyu Breeders with about 4 500 Wagyu cattle in total between them, of which 3 000 are breeding cows. Certified Wagyu Beef (CWB) must have a minimum marble score of 3. Stoet – Aansoekvorm, Animal Enquiry Certified South African Wagyu Beef Protocol Introduction: Wagyu beef can be described as beef emanating from a bovine animal that has a proven genetic predisposition to produce intense marbling in certain muscles and is generally known for its high quality and tenderness. jQuery("#wpaft-logo-slider-default").owlCarousel({ South Africa. Certified Wagyu Beef (CWB) must have a minimum marble score of 3. A total of only about 200 full-bloods were shipped abroad in the late 70’s but it was enough to develop purebred herds in Canada, Australia and the United States. Eagles Landing Shopping Centre. Food Boys +27 86 1233 633. Our Wagyu steaks include ribeye, sirloin, & rump – all rich with the characteristic marbling of Wagyu cattle. Langenhoven Park (pronounced ‘wag-you’) Wagyu is essentially a generic name for Japanese beef. items: Number(wpaft.items), jQuery(document).ready(function($){ There is a real opportunity in South Africa for domestic producers to raise their herds to the level of quality beef that is growing in demand around the world including, South Africa. 538 likes. Why would a vet and reproduction specialist choose to jack with Wagyu. Understanding NFI F EBVs web. The introduction of wagyu beef has forever changed the beef industry internationally and in South Africa. Sign up as a restaurant; Claim your restaurant. New to these shores, our Wagyu cattle are Free Range and enjoy a grass fed diet, while roaming on lush pastures. It is the feeling of the meat melting in your mouth like butter that really makes Wagyu beef an outstanding culinary experience. Login; Sign up now; Login to Eat Out. Office: +27 51 492 1852 +27 61 408 4123 One of their bulls in Australia recently won an accolade for meat quality.