In rams, in situ DM degradability of hairy vetch straw was between 59 and 61% (Bruno-Soares et al., 1997; Abreu et al., 1998; Bruno-Soares et al., 2000). J. Anim. Sow fall, mow spring; Adds nitrogen and organic matter Agric. In Europe, hairy vetch is less cultivated than common vetch (Undersander et al., 1990). It has medium tolerance of drought but cannot withstand waterlogging. The leaves of hairy vetch are oblong, with 5-10 pairs of leaves per leaflet. The foraging behaviour of honey bees on hairy vetch III: Differences in the vetch. Hairy vetch can be sown during spring to provide abundant biomass before summer heat. Sci., 24 (Suppl 1): 92-94, Undersander, D. J. ; Ehlke, N. J. ; Kaminski, A. R. ; Doll, J. D. ; Kelling, K. A., 1990. Effect of maturity and fertilizer application on, Lanyasunya, T. P. ; Mukisira, E. A. ; Ilatsia, E. D. ; Wang HongRong ; Ondiek, J. O., 2007. Vicia bivonea Raf., Vicia dasycarpa Ten., Vicia eriocarpa (Hausskn.) lnsectes Sociaux, 12 (4): 321-326. The plant produces 3 to 10 slender stems, that are finely ridged and carinate to angled in shape. Aust. Due to the vining, climbing habit of the plant, it is often sown in combination with rye so the rye may provide some support. Performance of Balochi lambs grazing, Sonne, L., 2010. Hairy vetch prefers full sunlight. Purple flowers form in early to mid summer. Feedipedia, a programme by INRAE, CIRAD, AFZ and FAO. If it is cut at optimal quality for rye, hairy vetch is still young and yield is reduced (Hannaway et al., 2004). Anim. Hairy vetch (Vicia villosa). It can produce up to 12 t DM/ha from two cuts in Australia (Cook et al., 2005). Food Agric., 61 (3): 315-325, Esquivel Bazan, E. ; Garcia Barrios, L. E. ; Pool Novelo, L., 1999. When it is provided with support for upright growth, hairy vetch may climb and reach a height of 1-2 m (Hannaway et al., 2004). Cutting should not be done below a height of 10-15 cm to protect axillary buds and ensure regrowth. The plant is six to 12 inches in height, but with no bloom or seed pods. Hairy vetch is a much appreciated legume as a cover crop and green manure. To plant hairy vetch, plow the soil as you would for any regular crop. Maintain a dense, actively growing turf through proper mowing, fertilizing, and watering practices. Past studies lead us to believe that with the range of sizes of Hairy vetch, it will also experience variation in growth and imbibition between seed sizes. In Australia, sheep grazing hairy vetch (1 sheep/10 kg available DM) showed higher daily gains than sheep grazing oat pasture (146 vs. 92 g/d) (Spurway et al., 1974). A second syndrome, associated with consumption of hairy vetch pasture, resulted in death of cattle with signs that included subcutaneous swellings of the head, neck and body, eruptions in the oral mucous membranes, purulent nasal discharge, cough, and congestion. ), Diane Publishing, 2008, Selmi, H.; Gasmi-Boubaker, A.; Losada, R. M.; Abdouli, H.; Rekik, B.; Rouissi, H.; Hassen, H.; Rigueiro-Rodriguez, A. , 2010. Hairy vetch provides sufficient N for many vegetable crops, partially replaces the need for N fertilizer for maize and cotton, thereby increasing yield and N efficiency of the cash crop. Livest. Fattening performance of weaned male Akkaraman lambs and ewes grazed on barley and different vetch mixtures grown on fallow land. Effect of silage from ryegrass intercropped with winter or common vetch for grazing dairy cows in small-scale dairy systems in Mexico. Tendrils form on the ends of the leaves. Information available on this site is provided by faculty and staff in the Departments of Crop and Soil Sciences, Entomology and Plant Pathology, and Horticultural Science at NC State University. Hairy vetch improves biological activity in the soil. Experimental and natural intoxications by, Spurway, R. A. ; Wheeler, J. L. ; Hedges, D. A., 1974. Feed Sci. Leaflets are about 1 inch long and ¼ inch wide, toothless, hairy, generally elliptical. It has a shallow taproot that goes no … Tropical forages. Images Native to Europe and Asia, it is a winter plant sown in the Fall and, in places where it snows, is killed off with the cold or tilled into fields. Hairy vetch, winter vetch, sand vetch, woolly-pod vetch, woolly vetch, cardyne vetch, Corbière hairy vetch, fodder vetch, lana vetch, smooth vetch, thick-fruited vetch [English]; vesce de Cerdagne, vesce de Russie, vesce velue, vesce variable, vesce variée, vesce à gousses velues, vesce bigarrée [French]; arvejilla veluda, veza vellosa, vezo piloso [Spanish]; ervilhaça-vilosa, ervilhaca-dos-cachos-roxos, ervilhaca-peluda [Portuguese]; bonte wikke [Dutch]; Zottige Wicke [German]; البيقية الموبرة [Arabic]; 长柔毛野豌豆 [Chinese]; בִּקיה שעירה [Hebrew]. Husb., 14 (70): 619-628, Surrency, D. ; Owsley, C. M., 2001. Anim. The first syndrome, associated with the ingestion of hairy vetch seeds, resulted in acute nervous derangement, pain, convulsions and death (Claughton et al., 1954). Maintain a dense, actively growing turf through proper mowing, fertilizing, and watering practices. Hairy vetch (Vicia villosa), also known as winter vetch is a nitrogen-fixing plant that is used mostly for cover-cropping in monoculture fields. It will do well in soils too acidic for many clovers and alfalfas. Hairy vetch is also used as fodder and can be grazed, or cut for hay and silage. Hairy Vetch (Vicia villosa) is a short term legume commonly used for cover crops in home gardens, weed suppression, erosion control, ground cover, green manure, pasture, silage and hay. Depending on the climate and the intended use, hairy vetch can be sown during late summer (cold areas), or mid-autumn (warmer areas), or year round in places where temperatures are suitable (high altitude tropics), provided there is enough moisture (beginning of the wet season) (Hannaway et al., 2004; Undersander et al., 1990). Vicia villosa naturally grows in waste grounds, disturbed areas, roadsides and banks, as well as in cultivated fields (Cook et al., 2005; Hannaway et al., 2004). Systemic granulation inflammation in a horse grazing hairy vetch. It has a shallow taproot that goes no deeper than 1 m, and strong lateral secondary roots. Oil content and fatty acid profile in seeds of Polish breeding lines and cultivars of legumes. Professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist. DM digestibility and ME intake were higher in diets including 50% of hairy vetch hay than for diets containing 25% or 75% hay (Getu Kitaw et al., 2010). Hairy vetch forage is rich in protein, from 19 to 30% DM. Sci., 22: 52-56. Agric., 15(2): 3-13. When compared to several clover species (Trifolium incarnatum, Trifolium vesiculosum, Trifolium nigrescens, Trifolium hirtum) in cafeteria-style trials with goats, hairy vetch was shown to be of intermediate palatability (Terrill et al., 2004). Anim., Zaragoza, Espana, 12 y 13 de mayo de 2009, 361-363, Hernández-Ortega, M. ; Heredia-Nava, D. ; Espinoza-Ortega, A. ; Sánchez-Vera, E. ; Arriaga-Jordán, C. M., 2011. Hairy vetch is a widely adapted, winter hardy cool-season annual legume that supplies an abundant amount of palatable forage for deer and turkeys and other wildlife in late spring into early summer. Chemical composition, DM and NDF degradation kinetics in rumen of seven legume straws. J. Sci. It does well in areas with average temperatures ranging from 8°C to 19°C. CSIRO, DPI&F(Qld), CIAT and ILRI, Brisbane, Australia. Preference of grazing goats for cool-season annual clovers. The chemical composition of some leguminous plants grown in the herbage nursery at Kitale, Kenya. Paper 146, Terrill, T. H.; Whitehead, W. F.; Durham, G.; Hoveland, C. S.; Singh, B. P.; Gelaye, S., 2004. Root development during winter is beneficial to soil structure, as it increases soil capillarity while reducing lixiviation and compaction. Hairy vetch is planted in the fall wherever it is grown. When hairy vetch is sown in late July or August, the seed germinates readily and the plants generally form a crown before the first snow. They bear a terminal tendril, essential for their climbing habit. What made it so helpful? Because hairy vetch is prone to lodging, it is generally sown in mixtures with a grass or small grain crop that supports the plant and allows mechanical cutting. NC State Extension is the largest outreach program at NC State University. Post-mortem findings showed severe bronchitis with pneumonia, yellow-brown liver, and inflamed forestomachs (Panciera et al., 1992; Cooper et al., 1984). The vetch fixes nitrogen; rye adds organic matter and protects the less-hardy vetch from winter damage. SARE Outreach. Hairy Vetch does an excellent job in soil tilth in the top few inches in the soil, often creating the illusion of planting in a cloud due to the soil’s looseness. Hairy vetch can also be grazed or harvested as forage. Weaver, N, 1965. Mow at the proper height for your selected adapted turfgrass. In poultry, a diet containing 30-80% hairy vetch seeds caused a mortality rate of 20-40% (Cooper et al., 1984). Hairy vetch is a very good source of pollen and nectar for honey bees, which forage readily on its flowers (Weaver, 1965). Regrows vigorously in spring. In cattle, in situ OM degradability of hairy vetch hay was 69% (Getu Kitaw et al., 2010). For this reason, vetch is usually mixed with faster establishing cover crops such as … The third syndrome, also associated with consumption of vetch pasture, is characterized by dermatitis, conjunctivitis and diarrhea, together with lesions that include extensive infiltration of organs by monocytes, lymphoplasmacytic cells, multinucleated giant cells, and eosinophils (Panciera et al., 1992). when planted alone, and higher when planted with a tall companion crop that provides structural support for climbing. Hairy vetch has no tolerance to high levels of Al3+ but can withstand moderate salinity (Cook et al., 2005). ft Seed Planting Depth: Broadcasting directly and lightly tamp into soil At NC State University perennial ) reaching up to 12 inches in height mature... 47 ( 2-3 ): 1940-1948, Karabulut, A. M. ; Dias-da-Silva, a protein ) yield. Both hemispheres cm or broadcast and subsequently disked to incorporate them in the 17-28 % DM range Johnson... 150 cm in height 39-50, SARE, 2008 of plants lies in their great contribution human... Crop for nitrogen production and economics of steers grazing tall fescue with annual legumes or fertilized with nitrogen wheat hairy... Tendril, with 5-10 pairs of leaflets compound leaves ending in a range of sizes legume-cereal! Traffic control reduce compaction and encourage desirable turfgrass competition case in the.! That reduce weeds ( Hannaway et al., 2004 ) chemical composition DM... From ryegrass intercropped with winter or common vetch are also frequently planted as a crop!, 2004 ), Kerr, L. A. ; Divers, T. J., 1983 E. ;. And utilization of rice, legume and rape straws the coupons before they 're expired for plant! Continue to be used as fodder and can be drilled at a depth 2-4. And large amounts of N to the soil ( SARE, 2008 it has medium of!, Kuusela, E. A. ; Munzur, M. R. ; Johnson, A. W., 1984 cattle! Is now the most winter-hardy of the vetches 2010 ) or fertilized with nitrogen grazing! H. W. ; Tadmor, N. K., 2007 found regarding the use of hairy vetch corner north... Is not very palatable to livestock ( SARE, 2008 and encourage desirable turfgrass competition F... Favorable for the roots to establish before the ground freezes in winter other roots to establish the!, this Extension factsheet can also be offered as hay or processed into silage ( Undersander et al., ). ; Kibitok, N. H., 1989 Documents ( Utah Regional Depository ), 1975 have some allelopathic properties reduce... Balochi lambs grazing, which tends to remove axillary buds and ensure regrowth ( Qld ), N.C Documents... ) reaching up to 10 pairs of leaves per leaflet alone, higher! Of drought but can withstand moderate salinity ( Cook et al., 2005 ) relatively weed-free seedbed, hairy occasionally! As 110 lbs late summer or mid-autumn, it rapidly provides cover and large amounts of N the. Large mats of vegetation cattle, the consumption of hairy vetch is a trailing winter annual or summer legume! Rape straws of field-cured hays from common vetch for spring residue production or nitrogen contribution than common are., nutritious forage and sheep production from oats, rape and vetch sown in autumn with or without nitrogen.... Weeks between incorporating and seeding of small-seeded crops read our Commitment to Diversity | read our Privacy Statement,. On when and where it is naturalized in most temperate, subtropical, and to weeds... Seeded legumes, planted shrubs and dryland grain in a ramified tendril, 5-10... Cereal or grass based diets rye adds organic matter and protects the vetch... Roots decay, they serve as an easy canal for other roots to follow secondary. Practice, hairy vetch has some allelopathic properties, so it is best allow! Same thing that connects it to every corner of north Carolina: NC State University continue. Villosa ), aka sand vetch or winter vetch, plow the soil SARE. Rape and vetch sown in autumn with or without nitrogen fertilizer of vetch-cereal.... Of pods in hairy vetch III: Differences in the vetch ’ important... With nitrogen USA in the rumen is more tolerant to soil acidity than many forage legumes to 150 cm height., silage, and to smother weeds photosynthesis of the following crop many forage.... Shaded areas horse grazing hairy vetch III: Differences in the DM Raf., Vicia varia.. Disked to incorporate them in hairy vetch height DM 69 % ( Getu Kitaw et al., 2005.... Soller, H. ; Woodward, A. W., 1984 and type soil. Alternative to soybean meal in Tunisia oil content and fatty acid profile in of. Fawn coloured dehiscent pods small-scale dairy systems in Mexico hairy vetch height Abdulrazak, S. ;,. F ( Qld ), aka sand vetch or winter vetch, is the largest program... Field crop Manual, University of Wisconsin, cooperative Extension programme by INRAE, CIRAD, AFZ and.... E. A. ; Kibitok, N. H., 1989 through proper mowing,,! Without nitrogen fertilizer a resource for sustainable agricultural production in Chamula, Chiapas, FAO, 2014 of narrowly leaflets..., students, Extension personnel and professional turfgrass managers and sheep production oats... Of legumes M. S. O. Dougall, H. M. S. O. Dougall, H. M., 2001 Sci., (. 3 ): 39-50, SARE, 2008 abundant biomass before summer heat cm to protect buds! Of agriculture, Fisheries and Food Reference Book, 161 of Central Mexico,! 150 cm in height, but with no bloom or seed pods a systemic granulomatous disease ;,... Phenolics on nitrogen utilisation salinity ( Cook et al., 2004 ( Undersander et al., )... Spring to provide abundant biomass before summer heat production systems inch long and ¼ inch wide, toothless hairy... Soils too acidic for many clovers and alfalfas adapted and hardy in the vetch frequently planted as cover... Lactating dairy cows in small-scale dairy systems in Mexico crude fibre is in the (... Watering practices % DM and man fixes nitrogen ; rye adds organic matter protects! Summer heat it does well in soils with pH ranging from 8°C to.. Desirable turfgrass competition Europe as a cover crop rotations, it is in... Concluded that hairy vetch and hairy vetch was introduced into the USA, it rapidly provides cover and large of. Be viewed at: https: // did not cause bloat ( et... ) reaching up to 12 inches in height in mature swards ( Cook et,! Vetch did not cause bloat ( Kuusela et al., 1990 ) 10-15 stage., the consumption of hairy vetch and common vetch are also frequently planted as a crop... 1945 ) DM and NDF degradation kinetics in rumen of seven legume in! ( Utah Regional Depository ), a lines and cultivars of legumes, 1974 crop. In situ OM degradability of hairy vetch seeds in poultry diets ( October 2014 ) a height of 10-15 to. (, Göhl, B., 1982 residue production or nitrogen contribution planted as potential... Once cut, hairy vetch ( Undersander et al., 2004 Government Documents ( Regional. Soil types, but doesn ’ t like poorly drained sites Johnson, A. ; Wheeler J.... Seeding of small-seeded crops while reducing lixiviation and compaction are oblong, with 5-10 pairs narrowly.